In its raw form, hemp cannabis is technically a vegetable and contains many health benefits.  Raw hemp cannabis not only contains fiber, calcium and iron, but also boasts cannabinoids, which are unique to the cannabis plant.

The green color of hemp oil, hemp butter, and hemp protein is due to the high content of chlorophyll that is not destroyed during low-temperature processing of hemp foods.

Although this chlorophyll can quicken auto-oxidation of products exposed to light, as long as they are kept in a cold, dark container, this won’t be an issue.

Benefits of chlorophyll in food seem to be widely reported and numerous. So, when you try your hemp products, know that green is good.

Hemp cannabis is considered a edible vegetarian protein including  all essential amino acids, as well as omega’s 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids.

Our hemp greens are hand harvested, washed and packaged on our hemp farm in Green Lake, Wisconsin.  We strive to provide the fresh, quality and delicious hemp greens for the personal market  in the following products:

Freedom Salad

Fresh Hemp Greens

Dried Hemp Greens

Heritage Hemp Farm, Green Lake, Wisconsin
Heritage Hemp Farm, Green Lake, Wisconsin